Our Mission

To lead young people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and help them embrace His call to discipleship.

The Objective

"To save from sin and guide into service. Seeking the good of others is the way in which true happiness can be found" (Counsels on Stewardship, p. 24).

The enemy will not prevail against youth who are actively engaged in the things of God. The goal is to save each Adventist youth who faces the battle against sin, striving to rescue more and more souls for the kingdom of God. That the youth may work for other youth. Educate the youth to help them; and in seeking to do this work each will gain experience that will qualify him or her to become a consecrated worker in a larger sphere. This is the most Energetic Department of the Church, It consists of 66 registered members, and we have 3 youthful elders in-charge of the youth.

We hold different activities like car washing, which are aimed at raising funds to run our activities, along side the funds that the church provide. We also organize for trips, social Sunday.

Every year is a golden year in the youth Department. We have a very active Youth Choir. The youth choir’s first Audio Album is out and we intend to bless a mass of people with this music. We look forward to more including the volume one video "EBENEZER". We realize great development among the youth as we hold monthly personal development talks which turn out to be very motivating to the youths. We do invite speakers from our church, other churches and from out of our church.

We are blessed and humbled to be part of this youthful, energetic experience in the mission of Christ.

May the good Lord Bless you all abundantly

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